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Useful Links: - Not a healthcare professional?  Find a CPA or EA who understands the tax issues specific to you.

Nanny Taxes - Find out about what's involved with complying with the Nanny Tax Rules

IRS Web Site - for tax forms, publications, and general tax information.

Exchange Authority - New England's first authority for IRC 1031 Exchanges

Cost Segregation Studies - Accelerate tax depreciation deductions on new and existing buildings through cost segregation studies

Social Security - find out the latest rules or your projected retirement benefit.

The Company Corporation offers fast, reliable & affordable incorporation and LLC services.



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Learn about Professional Expenses Commonly Deducted by Doctors to Save Taxes (14 minutes) or Retirement Plan Basics for Practice Owners (16 minutes)

Laugh at the Best Depreciation Joke Ever Written (1.5 minutes)

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Learn to increase revenues and profits at your practice by implementing a Simple Incentive Bonus System (SIBS) (6 minutes).

Four three-minute multi-media podcasts, including insightful poll questions, only on QuantiaMD:

Check out Andrew's March 2012 Radio Interview - Interesting 2012 Tax Season Observations (on Greater Boston Media) (9 minutes) or his December 2011 Radio Interview - Prudent Year End Tax Planning Strategies (on Greater Boston Media) (11 minutes)

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